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Craig & Cascade

Listing #Since 1928
Property Status: Agent Profile

We strive to provide the proper service required in this specialty market. For Buyers or Sellers; your agent should have in depth knowledge of this region, be interested in the product and your goals, have flexibility, and understand the mechanics of Real Estate transactions. You will probably want to call Steve Gillespie. I am happy to spend the time it takes to do things right, and it does take time. The photos below are examples of some of the properties and transactions Gillespie Agency has the pleasure to have been associated with in the Missouri Canyon. We appreciate your business very much. We will continue our tradition of good, straight-forward hard work, flexibility, and fairness! Most of all, we sincerely "Thank You": Harold & Jane Dobney, Fred & Ruth Barrett, Glen & Doris Anderson, Galen Gray, Grover & Hariett Hayes, Nellie Tout, Tracy Beaver, Clayton & Louise Buechler, Lori-Tim & Lisa Stewart, David & Darlene Cahsman, Kelly Hayes, Ed & Doris McDunn, Mary Ellen Birkland, Ron La Fountain, Herman & Lillian Pesek, Robert & Valerie Smith, Gene Ball, Dave Lockerby, Neil & Arlene Parisot, Jesse Coughlan, Claire & Charles Howell, Grace Arnold & Ada Haraldson, Tom & Audrey Wilson, Bob Tacke, Nellie Kraus, Steve Ortez, Jim and Jane Basta, Dan & Trish Vielleux, Francis Cunningham, Cliff Johnson, Robert "Bob" Johnson, Jim & Connie Moffatt, Shelly Halvorson, Jay Coulter, Garry Pistoria, Gene Daniels, Don & Kristy Langworthy, Scott & Laurie Gordon, Russ & Stella Verbael, Gary Russell, Marvin & Myrna Briese, J.B. & Teri Wise, Herb Strong, Van & Jan Korell, Marshall & Jean Corbett(2), Don & Peggy Sloan, Billy & Amber Goodwin, Ben & Carrol Campbell, Don & Paula Lais, Don Lundine, Sam & Millie White, David Keene & Donna Wiesner(2), Norm Mercer & Ann Hofer, Stan Ackerman, Gayle Edwards, Bonnie & Mike Dempsey, Larry Brown-Jodi Poli, Fred & Joyce Roach, John Jordan, George & Jayne Lauman, Bob Seibel, Jack & Terri Sonhalter, Jim & Vye Mead, Brian & Claudia Lubin, Peter Grundy, Ken Kay, Howard & Gloria Pomtier(2), Tony & Vicki Duvernay, Gary & Bonnie Black-(3), Jack Prothero, Ken & Julie Jorgensen, Frank Schneiderman, Kathy & Jim Ahrens, Roland H. Canoy, Dave & Sherry Meador(2), JoAnn Hopp, Gale Pike, Rita Parish, Chirs Boland, Betty Lorang, Tina Ortez-Ball, Roy Martin, Tod England, Chan Hartelius, Mr.Montgomery, Leo & Darcy Murphy, Arnie Gidlow, Terry Blatter, Ted & Deb Regan, Caralee Cheney, Donna Hanson, Russel and Sandra Meech, Dave Storstad, D.Robinson Cluck, Don & Shirley Rau, John & Stephanie Jordan, Randy and Kristi Walker, Berta Robinson, George & Russell & Sandra Kirk, George Mitchell, Mike & Cindy Owen, Mike Myers, Frank Cooper & Shirly Clarey, Cathy & Tom Cherry. Hunter Wessells/Bokgi Choi, John/Brenna West(2), Tom Tripp/Corinne Kusmin, Douglas & Janice Denson, Ken/Daryl Henning(2), ChanMan Hartelius, John Chase(the rainbow), H.Scott Pomtier, Gary & Edna Spence, Tom & Susan Storm and the Albert/Burney Auction Company, Kerry Bartlet etal., Chuck & George Maynard, Dr. R.Bearss, Maggie Coffman, Ken Grismer, Harry Lappa, Mel & Sara Lamoureux, Tim & Gail Groth, Jackie Gordon/Charlie Graham, TNTripp/Corinne Cusmin(2), Doctor-R.K.(2), Tim Long, Joe & Janis Schmier: Gillespie Agency is the company most familiar & known to this region. Let us help you achieve success also!

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Property located at:
9 12th Street North (NEW ADDRESS!)
Great Falls MT 59401
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Gillespie Agency
Since 1928
9 12th Street North
Great Falls MT. 59401

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